Friday, August 3, 2012

New Beginnings - My Week In Photos {InstaFriday}

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Today I have a milestone to share, as today marks the end of my first week of unemployment. Most of you might not know that I had a full time job in marketing, but now it is no more. I can't say I was shocked, as I knew it was coming since the beginning of July, however, I wasn't really prepared ( I don't know anyone who ever is?!). 

Out of all the emotions that I have experienced since finding out, this week has truly been about embracing the situation and trying to navigate the right path. I've been struggling for many months with having a full time job and a growing business, as Love Elaine usually gets the "left over" time after work and me time (working out, cooking, cleaning, etc), and I have been blessed as Love Elaine has flourished anyway, continuing to grow, almost in spite of the little amount of time I am able to give it.

So, what's next? I'm going to look for a full time job, because unfortunately Love Elaine isn't at a place to support me with a comparable salary, Love Elaine just isn't there yet. But, I think the important thing I've learned through all of this is that it will be, soon, and that I want it to be.

In the meantime, while I look for the right job, I'm going to put my all into Love Elaine for the first time in 3 years since I started the business. I'm going to be blogging, and sewing, and tweeting, and facebooking (yep, that's a verb!). Oh, and I'm going to work out, and take time to cook my meals, and I'm going to water and pick vegies from my garden (I haven't done this as an adult, on my own, ever). And, I'm going to have lunch or wine with friends - ones I see often, and ones I don't. I'm going to go to the pool, work on my tan (which I haven't had since starting full time employment) and read trashy romance novels. While this time is SUPER scary and I often want to break down in tears with the weight of it all, I'm choosing to be positive and look at the time as an extended working vacation, a working vacation for me, as an investment in my future. So, without further ado, here's my week in photos :)

Ruffled Tea Towels by Love Elaine
This week I finished up a wholesale order for Handmade Happiness in Chester. Yep, now you can get your Love Elaine fix in person! Mary Ellen's new store (while I know its in Chester) is a MUST VISIT - all handmade items by local artisans - everything from jewelry, aprons, prints, totes, paper goods, you name it! And all handmade!

Cloud 9 Fabrics - Geocentric and Simpatico - LOVE!
Interesting measurement device at Pleasants Hardware - a sewing field trip!

I also finished up a tutorial for a fun beach/pool tote for Cloud 9 fabrics - be on the look out for the tutorial on their blog soon! I am just in LOVE with their new canvas fabrics. And, what isn't more fun than Navy & Orange or Grey & Yellow?!
Baby Quilt in Riley Blake Indian Summer by Love Elaine

Finished up a baby quilt - don't you just love pink and green? I am also a big sucker for large floral prints and that polka dot makes my heart go pitter patter! Just LOVE these fabrics!

 This is the first ripe tomato from my little container garden out back. It was definitely a proud moment for me! I usually have a black thumb for all living plants, but my garden is doing great after a slow start. So far in the past 2 weeks I've picked 3 cucumbers, 1 pepper, 2 tomatos, and 1 yellow squash. I've got at least 10 tomatos on their way, plus numerous cucumbers, and a few squash! (Can you tell I'm excited?!)

And I'll leave you with this shot. I was there earlier in the week, and I'm headed there now.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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