Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RUFFLES! Christmas Tree Skirt and Pillows

Its been "Christmas Time" around here for a while, so it feels strange that the rest of the world has caught up and is starting to decorate their trees now that the Turkey has digested.  For anyone who hasn't caught the bug to decorate your tree or house for Christmas yet, I thought I would share a custom order for a very LUCKY little girl that is just so girlie, with lots of pink and ruffles - sure to get a swoon from all!

 20"x15" Ruffle Pillow by Love Elaine
 Personalized Ruffle Tree Skirt by Love Elaine

Two, 16x16 square pillows with Christmas Tree applique and ruffle trim by Love Elaine

Isn't this just the cutest ever?! I wish I had girlie Christmas pillows to decorate my bed! I think you all are getting a sneak peak at new products for 2012!! Let me know what you think - do you love them as much as I do?

For those of you in need of new stockings or a tree skirt, check out my shop on Etsy! Orders for Tree Skirts will only be accepted until December 5 so get on the ball!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Crafty with Design Sponge

Last night I was one of the lucky few who stalked secured a ticket to the Craft Event for the Design Sponge at Home book signing at Anthropologie in Stony Point here in Richmond. And, happy day for me, a few of my friends repeatedly refreshed their browser and stalked secured tickets too! I just love group craftiness!

My station all set up ready to begin! Notice how cute a water bottle looks with a bit of fabric tied around - who knew?!?!

Craft project for the night - make sealing wax stamps! I made a Love Elaine inspired heart within a heart (just check out the logo).  I was worried that the impression on the inside wasn't going to turn out - the wood burning tool is not as easy as it looks! 

Amanda & Meena wielding their wood burning tools with might :) It was SO GREAT to see these ladies! 

My finished product! I think it looks pretty good. This just might show up on my holiday card if I have the patience to do 100!
And, because no trip to Anthropologie is complete without a lot of drooling browsing through the super cute items in the store, I spotted a few adorable vases that I MUST own for various rooms in my home. Consider these firmly on my Christmas list for Santa! (Hint... here is the link for easy shopping!)

There are a million other things in the store that were SO CUTE.  Are there any items from Anthropologie that you hope Santa will bring you for Christmas?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handmade Holiday: Wreaths

As someone who is no stranger to handmade, as well as handmade gifts, I'm kicking of a series of posts about ways to incorporate handmade into your holidays this year! Whether you make it yourself or decide to make a purchase on Etsy, handmade offers your gift recipient something unique, thoughtful and special.  As many of my friends and family know, I am absolutely insane OBSESSIVE about gift giving.  Strolling the aisles of Target and crossing people off my list is not my idea of gift giving.  My list is probably a lot shorter than most, but I've made a conscious decision to only give gifts to those I hold dear - family and special friends.  If I didn't, I would clearly have a coronary and crumble from the pressure.  Don't worry, this is all self inflicted and its not about being "the best gift giver" - its about showing the people close to me that I care enough to give them something I know they'll like - whether I made it or not.

While wreaths might not be thought of as a traditional gift to give someone, when you really think about it, someone can use it all year round if not in holiday colors, if in holiday colors, they will pack it up and pull it out each year and remember that you gave it to them.  Here are a few of my handmade holiday wreath favorites!

(ps - this matchs the new colors in my living room HINT HINT)

And, did you know that I make custom fabric wreaths to match any room, and for the holidays? I've had a lot of pink and green tree skirts sold this year, so this Pink & Green Fabric Wreath is perfect for the holidays or a princess room!  Check out versions available for sale in my shop. Want something customized? Just send me a message!

So, you tell me, which wreath is your favorite?!