Friday, March 2, 2012

Handmade Fort Worth, Texas Style {Insta Friday}

This post is wayyyyy overdue, and as you can see, its been a couple of weeks since I linked up to Insta Friday. But, as I always say, its better late than never, right?

Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Houston Fort Worth, Texas for ODI, a leadership conference for the Association of Junior Leagues International. The cross out is an inside joke, as the ENTIRE TIME leading up to the conference, I was convinced we were going to Houston. I asked friends I knew in Houston for restaurant recommendations, I looked up to see how far Dallas was from Houston as I wanted to make a trip to City Craft - you get the idea. So, I ignored ALL of the signs (that my hotel was in Forth Worth and that my flight was to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) and not until we were in the cab to our hotel did I ask "so, how far to Houston?" did it dawn on me.

So, on Saturday night of the conference, in Fort Worth, we headed down to the Stock Yards and came across a wonderful boutique with amazing handmade wares, as well as a BAR smack in the middle of the shop. Talk about multi-tasking at its finest - happy hour and shopping, I was sold! Here's a bit of eye candy and inspiration I soaked up while I was there.

Don't you just want a pair of each in those gorgeous COLORS? Yes please!
Reclaimed wood frames and wall art with metal flowers. Swoon!
If my suitcase wasn't so small, the guy on the top would have come home with me!
Hand Embroidered Texas pillows - yes EMBROIDERED! Just LOVE!
Yes, that is me sitting at the bar on a saddle. I don't look out of place at all in my knee length red coat, do I?!
I had an amazing time with an amazing group of women! Hopefully, next time, I'll be coming home with a pair of boots :)

And, since we've had such a mild winter here in Virginia compared to last year, and I LOVE SNOW, I just had to share a couple photos I got on the one any only snow I saw this year from our new house. So pretty!!

Backyard view

Front Yard View in the Morning - LOVE!

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  1. I so want a pair of those red boots! Yee-haw!

  2. Those boots are absolutely fabulous!

  3. day trip distance to Ft.Worth....What is the name of the shop with handmades?

    1. Hi! I think its Mavericks Western Wear. We only went into a couple of stores, but it looks like there are a ton of shops in the Stockyards!