Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sewing Room Love {Organization Inspiration}

We moved into a 3 bedroom house in July of last year from a very small 2 bedroom townhouse. What did this mean? It meant I now had a dedicated SEWING ROOM and GUEST ROOM that were actually SEPARATE ROOMS! YIPEEEE!

In our old place, my "sewing room" was also the laundry room, my closet, and guest room COMBINED. To say it was not the most functional space would be an understatement, and there was NO STORAGE. You can check out a post of my previous sewing room update here.

However, the only thing I was able to do in my new sewing room was get a new cutting table (I had been using a folding table) and shelf from Ikea, as well as shelves on the walls. Its not pretty right now, but  I have GRAND plans that include paint and a stencil from Royal Design Studio.   In the meantime, I thought I would share inspiration photos that I've been pinning to my "Sewing Room Love" board on Pinterest.

Don't you just LOVE the shelves and the ribbon hanging station of this one? And, the sewing machine looks out the window, which is especially nice on long, sunny weekend days when I am in the sewing room!!

via Pinterest from the Inspired Room from BHG
This next one, I DIE! Do you see that it has a SINK?! A SINK in the room?! And, there are cabinets and drawers and thread organized by COLOR! This is my DREAM future sewing room/studio. I just picture myself dressed so nicely in a frilly apron fluttering about sewing and making things in this room...ahhh...

via Pinterest

This photo below is probably a bit more realistic for how my sewing room will shape up - I just love thread displayed on the wall, as it leaves space on my sewing table for everything else - and believe me, there is a lot of "everything else" that usually finds its way on my sewing table! I just LOVE threads in color order, however, I doubt I'll ever get THAT organized for more than a day!

via Pinterest
I will admit a secret - I have a huge thing for clipboards. Something about pretty clipboards with lists and papers on them just does it for me - so I love this idea of using multiple clipboards to display project lists, orders, patterns, etc.

via Pinterest

You cannot tell me that this chalkboard paint wall calendar doesn't just make you SWOON and wish you had it! I've been thinking about a way to organize all of my deadlines and projects and I think I've found it!

via Pinterest from Martha Stewart
Fabric storage is a HUGE issue for me! I have a lot of it and often not a full bolt (but that will be changing soon!) so I love the idea of displaying fabric like this because I would have a much better idea of what I have, rather than always buying new. Wait. Who am I kidding? I will always buy new fabric, I have a serious addiction. But hey, admitting it is the first step, right?!

via Pinterest from Girl Inspired

Are you planning any sewing room or craft room/space organization? Let me know some of your favorite organization pins - I need LOTS of inspiration! I promise to update you all here when I finally get around to updating my sewing room!! I can't wait!

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  1. Loving these ideas! Especially the final fabric storage!

  2. I have a board on my Pinterest called Sew Perfect Space. I now have a room that I can use just for sewing, previously a home office for my hubby who has since changed jobs and is in an out of home office everyday. My problem, deciding the best use of space, what to keep and get rid of. I love getting inspiration from others. Can't wait to see how your room turns out.