Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Modern Christmas House Tour

Whew. Yesterday was the first day in over 2 months that I didn't sew anything. Not a single thing. And I must say, it felt really great! I wrapped presents and made a few Christmas treats for my co-workers - all things I don't usually get to do in advance of Christmas Eve!

Now that I'm not sewing, I can catch everyone up on the custom orders I completed this season.  I must say, my customers continue to be my number one source of inspiration - they push me to think outside the box and come up with new ideas for their projects and future products!

Katie from Dallas, Texas was no exception. She found me on Etsy, and she sent in her request for a custom order - complete with computer drawings! Katie is an interior designer and was working with a home that was going to be featured on a house tour in early December.  Based on her drawings, I knew that her client must be uber modern and super fun - I mean the drawings included teal, lime green, bright orange, and pink! I was beyond excited, and then even more so when she told me a photographer would be taking photos!!! I was floored when I saw the photos - I hope you are too!

 Double sided-napkins in Michael Miller Funky Christmas Yule Trees

 Made our first double-sided stockings because of the glass fireplace. I just LOVE how they look!

 Also made a custom tree skirt to match that had a grey 2" border and binding, along with large wedges of the same fabrics you see in the stockings.
Its just too pretty to be real! Don't you just wish you were invited over for Christmas dinner?! I know I do!