Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Crafty with Design Sponge

Last night I was one of the lucky few who stalked secured a ticket to the Craft Event for the Design Sponge at Home book signing at Anthropologie in Stony Point here in Richmond. And, happy day for me, a few of my friends repeatedly refreshed their browser and stalked secured tickets too! I just love group craftiness!

My station all set up ready to begin! Notice how cute a water bottle looks with a bit of fabric tied around - who knew?!?!

Craft project for the night - make sealing wax stamps! I made a Love Elaine inspired heart within a heart (just check out the logo).  I was worried that the impression on the inside wasn't going to turn out - the wood burning tool is not as easy as it looks! 

Amanda & Meena wielding their wood burning tools with might :) It was SO GREAT to see these ladies! 

My finished product! I think it looks pretty good. This just might show up on my holiday card if I have the patience to do 100!
And, because no trip to Anthropologie is complete without a lot of drooling browsing through the super cute items in the store, I spotted a few adorable vases that I MUST own for various rooms in my home. Consider these firmly on my Christmas list for Santa! (Hint... here is the link for easy shopping!)

There are a million other things in the store that were SO CUTE.  Are there any items from Anthropologie that you hope Santa will bring you for Christmas?

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  1. Stalked . . . haha, so true! I had been crushing on this event for a while. :)