Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafty-Round Up: May

Wow. The summer is more than half way over already (sorry to those of you reading also in denial like me if this comes as a shock to you!) and I don't even remember it starting! There has been A LOT going on and instead of boring you with all of the details (although I know you wouldn't think it was boring at all!), I'm going to hit the highlights of each month. First up, May - which brought many wonderful events. Enjoy!

Mother's Day
I made the trip up to Jersey to host the 4th Annual Mother's Day Brunch with both of my Grandmother's, my Mom, my sister and my Aunts. Its always a much anticipated event on the family event calendar, and this year we also celebrated my Uncle Brun's birthday.

This year, I made all of the women fabric flower corsages - don't you just LOVE the jewel center?

Mom & I on Mother's Day. I am truly blessed to have the most amazing, thoughtful, caring and supportive Mom in the whole.wide.world. She is such an inspiration to me in all she does. I hope that one day I can be half the mother and woman that she is - love you Mom :)

Mom's Mother's Day Present - a fabric necklace. Matches her blue eyes perfectly! Be on the look-out for more of these in my shop soon!

The cake :) And yes, it was as good as it looks!

Next up on my crafty round-up, Carter got married! For those of you who don't know my friend Carter, she is the FABulous graphic designer behind my logo and branding. You can see her work on her Facebook page. (Psst...She is also my fabulous apron model :)

I just couldn't resist making her an overnight bag in Heather Bailey flowers with Amy Butler sun spots in all of her wedding colors plus her new monogram on the front. Perfect for her trip to St. John's for the wedding!

I also assisted with her bridesmaids gifts - beach bags to match their super cute coral dresses! I made one for Carter too :) She is so good to me, I had to return the favor!

Next up, I FINALLY met Miss Sophia!

Is she not just the most precious thing EVER?! I am pretty sure that the entire day I was there, I let her mom Julie only hold her for mere minutes :) She was so sweet and mostly just slept on my chest the entire time. It was so sad to leave her. Oh, and Julie too. I seriously LOVE Julie and Min for having such a sweet little girl I get to spoil! Speaking of spoiling, just wait until you see Sophia's new overnight bag - photos to come soon!


  1. Awww...sweet post!! LOVE those flower corsages, too!!!

  2. Hi! New follower here! I love the flower corsage...very snazzy. And the fabric necklace is so darn cute!

  3. Thanks for the comments on the corsages! I'm going to put up a tutorial shortly - super easy and quick, done entirely by hand :)

  4. Wow!!!love this place...super cool guys...great job and thanks for sharing :)