Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's Under Your Tree

Inquiring minds always ask me, when discussing fabrics for custom Christmas Tree Skirts, "Well, what do you have under your tree?" The question always reminds me of when I ask servers at restaurants which entree they recommend. To me, whether in Christmas Tree Skirts or meals, it always comes down to personal taste - but I know we all find comfort in getting an endorsement on our choice from an expert (although how I became an expert in Christmas Tree Skirts of all things stills boggles my mind a bit).

This is the tree skirt that started it all for Love Elaine on Etsy. As I (and Mom, and Grandma, and Aunt Faith, and Aunt Sue), can now see the end of the tunnel on another successful holiday season coming to an end, I continue to be amazed by the overwhelming response for Christmas tree skirts and stockings that started from a little project Mom and I finished on our beach vacation 3 years ago.

Thank you to everyone and Happy Holiday Decorating!

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