Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Elaine - Now In Hallmark Stores!!!

Yes friends, you read that right!!! Love Elaine is now in Hallmark Stores, 4 of them to be exact, right here in the Richmond area!

So, here's the story. A while ago I hinted that lots of exciting things were starting to happen for Love Elaine, and that one of my business goals for the year had been realized - well this is the big news! March was a SUPER BUSY AND CRAZY MONTH of sewing and working out all of the details. I won't bore you with the crazy fabric stories about my trials and tribulations trying to secure all of the fabric I would need to fulfill the largest wholesale order to date for my 2 and a half years young company, but let me tell you - it was an amazing learning experience and TOTALLY WORTH IT when you walk by a story in the mall and see this:

Yuppers - those are MY APRONS right up front, right as you walk in the front door of the store! Cue the seriously dorky, cheesy smile and possibly a little jig. Please note, this all happened in my head, as I wanted to play it cool, and I just walked in, spent an OBSCENE amount of time at one display, and took photos with my iPhone. That's me, so cool. But really, the Pointer Sisters I'm So Excited was playing in my head, cue the music:

Ok, now back to the aprons. There is even signage along with the display to learn more about Love Elaine along with a photo of yours truly :)

In addition to the entire line of full aprons and little girls ruffled aprons, you can also get tea towel sets and potholders that match the aprons! Below is a photo of the full display of items available in each store.


So, if you live in Richmond and get a chance, head on over to the Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield Meadows, Gayton Crossings and Shortpump Hallmark Stores. Pick up an apron for Mother's Day or for yourself. Or just GUSH over how much you LOVE the Love Elaine aprons to the store employees - so they'll order more :)

And, I just wanted to take a quick minute before I go to thank my Mom, my Aunt and my Grandma for all of their sewing help - I could have never done it (or continue to run Love Elaine) without them. I also want to thank my friend Christy for taking a chance on a new product line and for being so supportive! Looking forward to lots of exciting things in the future! 

Thanks to you all for continuing to support Love Elaine! It means the world to me!


  1. So cool Christen, Way to go! May we ask how landing Hallmark happened?

  2. Congratulations on getting into the Hallmark stores! I would love to talk to you about your tea towels and aprons. If you could contact me that would be great!