Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

While most people say "So sorry I've been soooo busy with x, y, and Z, as trite as it may be, I have been VERY busy and OVERWHELMED. That's why I haven't blogged. That's why I haven't posted all of my FABULOUS new items in my Etsy Shop for you to purchase, because everyone wants a new bag or apron for spring right?! Oh, and did I mention I had a craft show last weekend?! Luckily, I had two fabulous helpers (my Mom and my boyfriend's Mom both came to my rescue to get my tukas in gear for the show, so I wouldn't embarass myself and have NOTHING on my table - I seriously had nightmares about it before the show! An empty table at a craft show dream is a crafter's equivalent to those "standing in front of a classroom naked" dreams. So, while I pull myself (and my stuff) together to take photos next week and list the items in the shop for sale, here are a few teaser photos of spring goodies for you and your home.

Overnight Bag with zipper closure and lots of pockets

New item: Clutches, with or without a rosette

A fresh spring pleated purse

Update your table for Mother's Day with new place mats

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  1. Super cool!!!totally loved what you guys have shared....awesome!!!!