Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's In a Name

When thinking of a name for my new venture, lots of names were thrown into the pot. I wanted a name that would suit me and the items I make - smart, sassy and personal!

Elaine is my middle name, however, it is also the middle name of all the women in my immediate family - my mom, both grandmothers, and my sister. In the case of Love Elaine, Love isn't meant to be a sign off. Love is my grandmother's maiden name.

By combining the two names, I wanted to honor both of my Grandmother's and their special talents. Grandma is great with her hands and can make anything with a needle and thread! She makes bags, quilts and embroiders beautifully! Mama was a dancer for many years, knows music and has an amazing way with words.

I couldn't forget my mom either - but she's far too modest to let me put Cherie in the name. Because of her, I've turned my love of fabric into something I never thought I could do by making me sign up for a bag making class over a year ago! All of her great work with quilting continues to inpire and encourage me!

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